What is MHC’s The Hearing Portal?

The Hearing Portal is a HIPPA compliant platform linking independent Hearing Aid Providers’ (HAP) patients with independent Medical Providers (MP). Neither the HAP nor the MP has any relationship or responsibility to MHC or The Hearing Portal.

Why join The Hearing Portal?

Like-minded medical professionals have a common goal of optimizing patients’ hearing and physical/mental healthcare, patients’ convenience, caregivers’ convenience, time management, expenses and revenue. The Hearing Portal is the conduit which assists the hearing healthcare team of Hearing Aid and Medical Providers in fulfilling their goal.

How does a Hearing Aid Provider incorporate the video telemedicine medical encounter into their practice?

Each hearing aid practice will develop its own process based on the clinic’s scheduling model. The medical video telemedicine encounter has been designed to occur between the HAE (hearing aid evaluation) and the HAD (hearing aid dispense). This positioning allows for both medical clearance and for the medical provider to support the hearing aid provider’s recommendation to get hearing aids. The medical provider gives the patient additional confidence in their decision to acquire hearing aids. The medical clearance encounter can occur at the conclusion of the initial visit, at the initial visit between the HAE and the dispense, or at the beginning of the second (dispense) visit.

What if there is a fee from the physician that is not covered by insurance?

The answer to this must be modified by federal, state or local laws. The patient is responsible for all billed fees as in any other medical Telemedicine visit. The hearing aid provider may choose to offer discounts or rebates to the patient to offset any out of pocket patient costs.

What if the patients insurance does not pay for the medical Telehealth visit?

If the patient’s health insurance does not pay for the medical visit the patient is responsible for the medical provider’s charges. The medical provider has agreed that if the patient doesn’t have insurance the maximum fee will be $99. The relationship is between the patient and the medical provider and is no different than any of the thousands of other Telemedicine visits occurring almost every day.

How many times each month will the average Hearing Aid Provider use The Hearing Portal?

Each Hearing aid practice has a unique payer and patient mix. At MHC, we believe that most Hearing Aid Providers have a need for a minimum of 10-15% of their patients to obtain a medical evaluation and/or medical clearance for optimal hearing healthcare and reimbursement.

The monthly Hearing Aid Provider’s subscription fee is substantial?

Actually, the monthly Hearing Aid Provider’s subscription fee is quite reasonable and has a high ROI. The total annual amount of the monthly fee is often less than the margin on a single pair of dispensed hearing aids. Knowing that 60-90% of patients that leave the Hearing Aid Provider’s clinic never acquire hearing aids from that clinic this ROI is presumed to be an excellent investment.

Can the Hearing Aid Provider use manufacturer or other funds for The Hearing Portal?

Many practices will use their manufacturer “co-op” funds to indirectly pay for The Hearing Portal monthly fee. Use of these funds reduces or eliminates the direct cost to the practice. Some vendors may find this a good investment and assist the hearing aid practices in funding. Ask your representatives about funding opportunities.