About Us

Company Background

Medical Hearing Consultants was created in 2021 with its foremost desire being to assist in providing the gold standard care for patients. This means we desire optimizing convenience, respect, patient costs, and healthcare excellence for the patient, their caregivers and the healthcare providers in charge of their care. As the COVID pandemic of 2020 struck, healthcare shifted from office to telemedicine based. The public, including seniors, embraced telemedicine and rapidly, out of necessity, accepted this virtual form of healthcare. Concomitantly, the hearing aid industry developed tele-audiology technology and began promoting eAudiology. Audiologists and others devoted to the hearing aid industry also embraced and accepted virtual healthcare interactions. Medical Hearing Consultants, LLC (MHC) was born from the observation that patients and hearing aid providers needed an avenue for immediate, real-time access to medical healthcare providers who can provide medical consultation for hearing loss patients. This consultation provides, when medically indicated and appropriate, medical clearance for hearing rehabilitation devices (hearing aids) and medical support of the hearing aid providers’ recommendation for hearing devices.

Our Mission at Medical Hearing Consultants, LLC

The business goals of MHC are to optimize patient hearing healthcare, optimize Hearing Aid Providers’ units dispensed and income, and optimize the medical healthcare providers’ commitment to advancing patients’ health and the providers’ income. To achieve these goals MHC developed The Hearing Portal to link hearing aid providers, their patients and medical providers, real-time through telemedicine during normal weekday business hours. This trilogy of connection optimizes hearing healthcare by supporting patients’ efforts to obtain hearing aids real-time with minimal inconvenience, a comprehensive audiologic evaluation and medical evaluation. This is goal is accomplished by bringing hearing aid providers and physicians into MHC on a monthly subscription basis. The subscription affords the Hearing Aid Provider access and use of MHC’s The Hearing Portal which simultaneously connects the Hearing Aid Provider with real time access to independent Medical Healthcare Providers.

The Hearing Aid Providers’ goals are optimized hearing healthcare, maximizing office time efficiency by reducing lost units dispensed, increasing revenue and reducing delay in treatment. The hearing aid provider will desire a medical evaluation of their patients for many reasons: insurance requirement, identified hearing disorders with a medical etiology necessitating medical treatment, identified hearing disorders requiring a discussion of medical or surgical treatments as options before proceeding with hearing aids, an indecisive patient who benefits and becomes confident from the medical providers opinion. It has been shown that a second opinion has tremendous value in closing the hearing aid deal; “two white coats are better than one”. As a subscription member of MHC the Hearing Aid Provider has several advantages: other hearing aid providers are not offering this service, patients don’t have to leave the office for medical clearance and can be dispensed same day optimizing office time utilization efficiency, a substantial reduction in loss of dispensed units is realized as patients leaving the hearing aid providers’ office for medical clearance often purchase elsewhere, a substantial reduction in loss of dispensed units is realized as patients leaving the hearing aid providers’ office for medical clearance choose not to return, a substantial reduction in loss of dispensed units is realized as patients leaving the office for medical clearance often cannot return due to lack of transportation, a substantial increase of dispensed units is realized as the Hearing Aid Providers’ recommendation to the patient for hearing aid acquisition is supported by the Medical Healthcare Provider adding patient confidence to the investment in hearing aids. The medical providers will be instructed to actively support your recommendations when medically appropriate.

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