Real-Time Medical Clearance for Hearing Aids

The Hearing Portal Real-Time Medical Clearance for Hearing Aids

Provide better care for patients through The Hearing Portal's video telehealth, team approach to hearing healthcare.

Too many patients miss out on the quality
of life a hearing aid provides.

When a patient leaves the Hearing Aid Provider's office to get required medical clearance, most do not or cannot return. Whether you're a Hearing Aid or Medical Care Provider, it's disappointing how many people miss out on treatment because of this extra step.

Welcome to The Hearing Portal

Using The Hearing Portal video telehealth platform, patients gain immediate clearance from a Medical Care Provider during their visit to the Hearing Aid Provider. This real-time, team approach from Medical Hearing Consultants (MHC) sets a gold-standard for hearing healthcare.

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Together, we can optimize patient care.

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Quick & Easy to Use

The entire process, including exam, averages less than 18 minutes for everyone involved, and the platform's interface is easy for anyone to use.

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Better Care

Immediate, on-site medical consults ensure the opportunity to identify hearing disorders before dispensing hearing aids. Also, confirmation from two professionals gives patients confidence in their investment.

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Everyone Benefits!

Hearing Aid Providers waste less time and dispense more units while Medical Care Providers gain new patients with little to no overhead or staffing costs.

Here's how The Hearing Portal works.

1. Pre-Consultation

The patient’s demographic data is entered. Then, the Hearing Aid Provider submits images of the auricle, tympanic membrane, and critical documents using the equipment supplied by MHC.

2. Consultation

Patients have a brief video telehealth consultation with a Medical Provider where they are screened for hearing disorders and, when medically indicated, given immediate medical clearance for their hearing aids. Better yet, when two health care providers confirm hearing aids will be beneficial, patients have greater confidence in their decision.

3. Fit/Dispense

Before they ever leave the clinic, most patients complete their hearing aid evaluation and fit/dispense as well. Meanwhile, the medical consultation gives patients confidence to follow through with the desired rehabilitation.

Included with your membership...

  • Access to MHC's telehealth platform, The Hearing Portal
  • Tutorials and Onboarding Support
  • Hearing Aid Providers also receive an HD otoscopic camera and document imager. This makes it easy to capture images of the ear and submit critical documentation so the provider can complete more HAE's and dispense more units.
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This is brilliant. Everyone wins: the patient, the hearing aid provider, the medical doctor, the vendor, and - the family!

Hearing Aid Industry Leader

So simple, so helpful. Patients and their caregivers are going to love this.

A.C. AuD, Michigan

If my husband had still needed to see his medical doctor, he would never have come back for these hearing aids.

Wife of New Hearing Aid Recipient